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What Happened to the Aztec and Inca Empires Because of Exploration?
California State Social Studies Standards
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Final Project:
Write your persuasive letter home and prepare to present it as an oral presentation to the class.  They will decide if you can remain on board!
  • Remember: You are a ten-year-old stowaway, so you will first need to explain why you left without telling anyone.


  • THEN, you must describe your journey and the explorer you have been traveling with. 


  • Persuade your parents to let you stay aboard ship and sail the seas! 
  • Include artifacts: maps, descriptions of explorer, ship and voyage.  You're narrating a story of adventure!
  • Work together to write your persuasive letter.

Each group will present one letter with artifacts (maps, pictures, drawings). 


Need an Example? Click here!