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Final Project: Columbus--Collaborative Research & Writing

What Happened to the Aztec and Inca Empires Because of Exploration?
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Dearest  Family,             30th day of June in 1492


We went on a journey with Christopher Columbus. We did not tell you this because you would have said it would be too dangerous for a ten-year-old kid and that it would be a risk. We are looking at the foggy night sky in the crow’s nest. We know you must be very worried and we hope you forgive us.  We are a stowaway on Columbus’s ship so far we haven’t been found.  We had the most incredible journey in our ten-year-old lives.  Please forgive us, but read what we discovered about Columbus.

     This journey with Christopher Columbus was fantastic!  Columbus wanted to establish colonies in the name of Spain. Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain to the New World.  I sketched a map for you.

    Columbus used the wind to get to the New World and get back home.  His goal was to find riches and spices.  He was sent by King Ferdinad II and Queen Isabella.  Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy. The flag “FtY” on Christopher Columbus’ ship stands for King Ferdinad II and Queen Isabella

    Columbus had three different ships: the Santa Maria, the Pinta, and  the Nina.  The Santa Maria was crashed by an enormous rock.

    We knew you wouldn't let us do this on our own. Columbus was smart enough to use the wind  patterns to get back home.  If you never let us do this journey we will never learn how we could do something individually with out you.  We will not get lost in the aqua deep ocean because we are with the most intelligent explorer.

     We are sorry we left you all alone with out us, but it was our dream that we would be an explorer.  We know you must be very worried about us, but we will be home soon.  First we are going to explore the new world and then we will establish new colonies for Spain. We will see in a matter of time.  This was an extraordinary journey for with Christopher Columbus.

                                                          Sincerely from,

                                 Anthony, Erick, Vanessa, and Alexis