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Sir Francis Drake

What Happened to the Aztec and Inca Empires Because of Exploration?
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Dear Mom and Dad, 

    We’re sorry that we’ve frightened you not telling you that we’re off in the middle of the world, sailing the seven seas with a famous explorer, pirate, military commander, and knight.  His name is Sir Francis Drake an Englishman of England.  He was commanded by Queen Elizabeth 1 to go on a mysterious adventure to America for treasure and spices.  He only achieved to bring back gold, silver, and jewels.   It was an awesomely unsuspecting journey.           

    We conquered as we sailed around the world with five ships named The Golden Hind, The Judith, The Minion, The Pelican, and The Elizabeth. We succeeded with the Golden Hind because that was the only ship that survived the surprising attack from the Spanish.  There were about 165 crewmen in the ship and they captured a Spanish ship named the Cacafuego and stole gold, silver, and jewels. 

     Mom and Dad, we’ve secretly left the house and gone on a caravel ship with Sir Francis Drake.  Our team has sent this letter to inform you that we’re protected by Sir Drake’s experience by being the various things that he is.  Our crew is begging you to please let us stay aboard on this stable ship.  First of all, Sir Francis Drake has lots of experience and was the first English explorer to have gone around the world.   The second reason to let us stay is that we want to experience what it’s like to be an explorer.  Also, we could become wealthy and live peacefully if we find lots of treasure. Finally, our bunch has worked an extended time and worked “oh, so hard.”

    In closing, our crew is begging you to let us stay on board with Sir Francis Drake known as “El Draque” meaning The Dragon. We’ll send you postcards if you let us stay and if they have good postage.


                               Your Children            

                             Daisy C., Jose, Sebastian, Aqueelah