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What Happened to the Aztec and Inca Empires Because of Exploration?
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                                                                                 July 1, 1492
Dearest Mother and Father,
         I know you must be worried and I am so sorry if you thought the worst had happened, but I have had the most amazing journey.  I knew you would never let me do this alone, but I knew I could take this journey and hopefully bring pride and honor to our family.  I have traveled around the world with Senor Magellan and it has changed my life forever.  Please forgive me, but please read on to hear about my amazing journey.  I've tried to draw maps, pictures of our ship and where we've been.  Most of all though, I want to tell you about Sr. Magellan.  He has the courage and bravery of a soldier.
          We left Spain at dawn on a warm May morning.  I brought my drawing pad, pictures of all of you and my courage.  They didn't know I had hidden below deck with the food stores.  The ship is large and has three different levels.  The bottom level is where all the food and supplies are stored...
As the letter continues it talks about the journey, describing the explorer, ship and area explored.  It is a narrative from the point-of-view of a ten-year-old child telling his/her family about the journey.  
You must convince them to let you sail the seas! 

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